The DS Group is an architectural company that is also engaged in interior design, landscape architecture and real estate development. Our goal is to develop total “concepts for living” in which all important aspects are integrated in order to accomplish a high quality of life for our clients.

The DS Group develops high quality and sustainable real estate for both private and the commercial market.

The combined background of DS Group as an architectral and development firm creates the unique ability to achieve integrated residential solutions. An optimal synergy can be created between “hard” economic values and “common” economic values such as individual well-being and social value.

DS Group’s central focus is on:

  • Creating “quality of life” for our residents
  • Integrate a homely living atmosphere and appealing architecture
  • Creating low-maintenance, energy efficient and sustainable residential locations.

“DS Group has abandoned  the traditional non customer-focused “real estate thinking.”  Our priority and first point of focus is on human welfare and creating “shared value”. * The user is always our focus point. We believe in people orientation, passion, integrity, transparency, diligence, endurance and ‘social leverage’. Our vision is based on the three P’s (People, Planet and Profit). We strive for sustainability and social entrepreneurship.”

* Creating Shared Value (CSV) is a business concept first Introduced in the Harvard Business Review by Michael E. Porter

Social leverage and innovative leverage are underestimated

Hans Bos

The DS Group was founded in 2005 by Hans Bos. After studying sociology for several years Hans Bos worked as a media composer and audio designer. His design studio quickly grew to 70 employees and worked successfully with clients such as Microsoft, Deutsche Bank and Nike. He won several awards in Europe as well as abroad. After selling his production company in 2004, his focus shifted to one of his other passions; architecture, spheres of life and property development.

Between 2005 and 2016 DS Group in cooperation with Triodos Bank and Rabobank, realized many monumental and sustainable projects. In 2011, the project “Koetshuys Erica” was honorably nominated for the annual architectural award of Hilversum. All the projects completed by DS Group during this time are now handled by large investment funds such as Annexum, Bouwinvest and listed Aedifica.

In 2008 Hans Bos founded a private care company named “DS Verzorgd Wonen”. Between 2008-2016, DS Verzorgd Wonen expanded in size from one healthcare facility to six healthcare facilities all across the Netherlands. The DS Group has been responsible for the realization of all the six locations as well as residential projects in het Gooi.

In 2015, the care organization Domus Magnus (with major stakeholder Navitas Capital) acquired all healthcare projects of DS Verzorgd Wonen, which resulted in a successful merger of DS Verzorgd Wonen and Domus Magnus into one large private care organization. Since 2016, this new merged entity functions under the banner of Domus Magnus.

As a result of this acquisition by Domus Magnus, Hans Bos moved his focus again on property development and design. DS Group is now fully focused on healthcare and residential real estate.

Companies could bring business and society back together if they redefined their purpose as creating “shared value”

Michael Porter

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